Australian comestic surgery information and directory

With cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures you can improve your appearance. Making you look good will make you feel good about yourself, increase your confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Perfection is something to which each of us aims in order to feel better, both physically and, especially from a psychological point of view. While for some people, plastic surgery is indeed a necessity, in the sense that some malformation needs to be evaluated and cured surgically, there is another class of individuals for whom cosmetic plastic surgery becomes a means of improving their self-esteem and self-assurance. But there are a number of cases in which cosmetic plastic surgery is not applied only for the aesthetics, but also for medical reasons. It is very important to understand that the procedures during a cosmetic plastic surgery, even if they are similar, do not have the same effects because each person is different and reacts differently to a medical intervention.

Types of Popular Interventions

But which are the most popular interventions in the cosmetic plastic surgery field? The top position in cosmetic plastic surgery is occupied by the augmentation mammaplasty, the aesthetic medical intervention that augments the size of the breast through the inclusion of some implants filled with saline. This is a procedure that doesn't last for long, usually up to two hours, not more. This isn't a difficult operation, but the recovery does involve an avoidance of any stimulation at the level of the breast for a few weeks. But the patient can, nonetheless, go back to work in a few days after the procedure.

It is a trend especially among the celebrities to try their best at looking great at any moment, which increases their need to have a great, unwrinkled face by using cosmetic plastic surgery. There are three medical interventions that are specialized in giving the young aspect to the skin, namely the chemical peelcollagen or fat injections and  dermabrasion. All these procedures are used in the cosmetic plastic surgery to a certain extent. The chemical peeling, for instance, involves peeling away the top layers of the skin, with the help of a solution. As for the collagen injections, they seem to be rewarded with much popularity in the cosmetic plastic surgery field. This procedure involves the plumping up of the sunken skin of the face, but it is mostly used for the enhancement of the dimension of the lips. Dermabrasion, on the other hand, is an intervention that requires the use of a device with a rotary wheel for the removal of the removal of the top layers of the facial skin.

Among other popular aesthetic intervention there's the ear surgery, the eyelid surgery, the facial implants and the facelifts, the surgery that replaces hair and the liposuction. This latter category is extremely popular both for men and women. Male liposuction, for instance, has known great popularity among the cosmetic plastic surgery types. Due to its popularity, this type of intervention, although it involves a complicated procedure, makes the cost of liposuction quite low. With such a wide range of opportunities to improve one's physical appearance, it is no wonder that plastic surgeons are gaining more and more patients.

What Risks Do These Interventions Involve?

Even if cosmetic plastic surgery is dealing with fairly easy interventions, it does, nonetheless, involve some risks, and the patient has to be informed on both the advantages taken from a certain operation and on the risk that might appear. The patients have to be aware that there are cases in which the body does not correspond in a pleasant manner to the treatment, and this might cause infection, bleeding and other negative reaction either to the anesthesia or to the treatment applied after the medical intervention.